What are Gaskets?

If you have a car that is constantly overheating, you may have a blown head gaskets. Some cars are known for blowing head gaskets more than others. The gasket is a piece of metal with holes bored through it that seals the engine block and combustion chamber. This is so that the engine can compress heat and properly propel your car forward. However, when too much heat compresses, it can form holes in the gasket that lead to problems.

There are some symptoms to look for if you think that your gasket may be having issues. You can cause more damage to your vehicle with a blown head gasket, especially if you keep driving around. Over time, your car may overheat and stall on the side of the road. This is usually an issue after several other indicators however. If you notice coolant leaking externally, white exhaust from the muffler, or an overheating engine, your head gasket may be blown.

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