Warning Signs That Your Fuel Pump May Be Failing

Modern motors can put out plenty of power. In order to do so, they need constant supplies of gas. The fuel pump is the main component responsible for sending pressurized gas or diesel to your motor.

Most electric fuel pumps have powerful internal motors, and when these begin to lose strength they can also lose the ability to provide power at load. Thus, if you notice your engine losing power when you press the accelerator pedal or climb hills, the pump may be the culprit. Faulty fuel pumps may also cause under-supply problems that can lead to higher than normal engine temperatures. If your motor temperatures begin to rise unexpectedly, it may be time for a fuel system inspection.

At Shoals University Kia in the Sheffield, AL region, our certified fuel system analysts can help you to keep your fuel pump and the rest of your gas delivery system in ship shape. For more information, swing by today for a no-pressure conversation.

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