Can Copper Core Radiators Prevent Overheating?

One of the most important parts of your vehicle cooling system is the radiator. The radiator core is the central, metal part of the radiator that channels hot coolant through small tubes. As air flows over the tubes, it cools the hot fluids within.

While most radiators cores are made of aluminum, some types feature copper. Designers use copper as radiator core material because of its extraordinary ability to conduct heat, but it nevertheless presents certain issues. Copper cores tend to be heavier than aluminum cores, and also bulkier. While this extra size makes them harder to mount in regular cars, it also makes them appropriate for use in vehicles with roomy engine compartments like trucks.

Copper cored radiators can adequately cool most larger motors, but they often require specialized tools for diagnosis and repair. At our facility in the Sheffield, AL region, our certified and experienced cooling system techs can give your copper-based system the detailed attention that it deserves. To learn more, swing by Shoals University Kia today for a no-obligation conversation.


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