Get Your Car Ready for Back to School

Getting ready to go back to school is all about being prepared. It is important not to forget about getting your car prepared as well. As your child goes off into the world, you want to make certain that they get the best start.Teaching them the importance of regular car maintenance is an important step.

By making back to school car service an important item on the list, you are demonstrating to them its value. Allowing them to participate in the process and go along with you may help them learn about how the car works and how to…

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What to Keep in Mind When Using a New Roof Rack

When you buy a new roof rack, you can look forward to improving your vehicle's carrying capacity for long trips. The roof rack can be perfect for adventurous drivers who want to be out on the road, but it is important to learn how to use the rack correctly in order to prevent long-term damage.

During the installation itself, put a little bit of grease on the mounting bolts so that they can be easier to remove in the future without affecting their current strength. Always try to remove the roof rack when it is not in use. 

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Motor Oil Myths: What's Real and What Isn't

Motor oil is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of owning a vehicle. People frequently cite misinformation as fact, which commonly results in thousands of dollars in unnecessary damage. To help you avoid these pitfalls, we have created a short list of the egregious offenders.

First, the W- you may think this stands for weight. In actuality, it stands for winter. The label helps people recognize a given motor oil's most effective temperature to be utilized within. Temperature affects motor oil's viscosity, which in turn can affect overall effective.

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Packing a Roadside Emergency Kit the Right Way

Taking the time to pack an emergency roadside kit can make all the difference in sitting in a stranded car for hours or safely limping to the nearest service station for immediate help.

A bag of tools is essential if you want to be able to make repairs and get moving. Things like a hammer, pliers, socket set, wrenches, scissors, or multi-knife, all can be used to make minor repairs and get the vehicle a few more miles down the road.

Not every driver is riding around with jumper cables or an empty gas can in the trunk. This is…

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What Should You Know about Transfer Cases?

Transfer cases are found in vehicles that have four-wheel or all-wheel drive. This part will transfer power from the transmission to the front and rear axles via the drive shafts. If a case breaks, then that part of the transmission won't work, which causes big problems for your vehicle.

At Shoals University Kia, our service department can identify problems with your transfer case. You may have even noticed some of the symptoms, such as a loud grinding noise or problems with shifting into gear. Once we figure out what's wrong, we'll get you all fixed up.

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Is Your Car Shifting as It Should?

When you drive your car, does your engine rev higher as it shifts? Or, do you feel jolts as it changes gears? If so, you need to have your transmission inspected and serviced as soon as possible. Transmissions contain many moving parts (including gears) that operate any time you drive your vehicle. These parts rely on clean transmission fluid to keep them working smoothly and within temperature parameters.

However, transmission fluid breaks down over time due to heat and buildup of particles within the component. As a result, it is very important to change this fluid on a normal schedule…

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Issues with Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses don’t last forever. As a car adds on mileage, belts and hoses start to wear out. And then there are issues with damage that may be inflicted on these parts.

Depending on the type of hose or belt that malfunctions or snaps, the damage to a vehicle could be significant.

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What are Gaskets?

If you have a car that is constantly overheating, you may have a blown head gaskets. Some cars are known for blowing head gaskets more than others. The gasket is a piece of metal with holes bored through it that seals the engine block and combustion chamber. This is so that the engine can compress heat and properly propel your car forward. However, when too much heat compresses, it can form holes in the gasket that lead to problems.

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Can Copper Core Radiators Prevent Overheating?

One of the most important parts of your vehicle cooling system is the radiator. The radiator core is the central, metal part of the radiator that channels hot coolant through small tubes. As air flows over the tubes, it cools the hot fluids within.

While most radiators cores are made of aluminum, some types feature copper. Designers use copper as radiator core material because of its extraordinary ability to conduct heat, but it nevertheless presents certain issues. Copper cores tend to be heavier than aluminum cores, and also bulkier. 

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Warning Signs That Your Fuel Pump May Be Failing

Modern motors can put out plenty of power. In order to do so, they need constant supplies of gas. The fuel pump is the main component responsible for sending pressurized gas or diesel to your motor.

Most electric fuel pumps have powerful internal motors, and when these begin to lose strength they can also lose the ability to provide power at load. Thus, if you notice your engine losing power when you press the accelerator pedal or climb hills, the pump may be the culprit. 

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